Killuragh, Cappamore, Limerick

Asking Price : €180,000

Farm 22 Acres For Sale


22 acres of forestry land. Excellent quality forestry location. Short distance from Pallasgreen and Cappamore.

Species – the forest comprises a mixture of Sitka spruce, Scots Pine, Ash and Sycamore. The Species Map identifies the location of the various tree species. The Ash and Sycamore are planted pure in each area. The Sitka contains a very small mixture of Scot pine through the area.

Planting Year – 1996

DAFM Afforestation reference number – CN 3358

Yield Class – The Sitka spruce was measured in January 2022 as YC 24 plus.

Access – the forest is connected to the public road with a narrow strip of land. This land is not a right of way. This area is part of the forest land. The forest road is constructed here. It is suitable all access with trucks and was used for access
and removal of timber when the area was thinned.

Forest Road - A grant aided forest road was constructed in 2011. There is a gate at the entrance to secure the property. This road was clean in October 2023.

Thinning – most of the forest was first thinned in 2014. This is involved a line thinning and selection. No further thinning or harvesting has taken place here since 2014.
The Ash and Sycamore area received a Woodland Improvement grant – CN 53079
for thinning.

Tree Felling License – There is currently no active felling license on this forest.

Annual forest Premiums – there are no outstanding Premium payments remaining on this area.